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Daily Blind Items — A Change In Strategy


We’re hearing that the fan backlash has gotten to this media company and apparently a controversial decision that was made months ago about this A list show has now been reversed. Expect the fans to rejoice.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

What is our show?

Bonus: What was the decision that caused backlash?



  1. This is clearly the hit show, Hardcore Porn, on HBO. Fans were devastated after Dame Edna auditioned and was rejected for the lead role. Clearly HBO have realized what a bad mistake they made.


  2. This blind implies there is a media company that listens to fan input and that might be the most unbelievable thing I have read on here.


    • I don’t understand why people expected HBO to order every single spinoff that they were exploring. They said that it would probably only be one or two…


  3. This one is fucking hard. The Walking Dead. Andrew Lincoln leaving. People were pissed. Maybe AMC have driven a billion dollars to his house and he’s agreed to stay?


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