Daily Blind Item — Get Me Written Off!


What happens when you star in a big movie but you can’t take a lot of the projects you’re being offered because you’re signed up for a television show that you’re lukewarm on?

Well, you call your agent and demand that they get you off, of course!

That’s exactly what this fairly sudden A lister has done and their agent is working overtime to try and get them written off. Maybe a nice bribe of some cash in an envelope or a fancy trip will work.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our A Lister?

36 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Get Me Written Off!

  1. Constance Wu from Crazy Rich Asians. Stuck on something called Fresh Off The Boat. Looking to capitalise on the film success? Can hardly blame her.


  2. John Krasinski. The Quiet Place was a huge hit and instead of making another movie or starring in one, Jim is trapped on Amazon’s bad tv version of Jack Ryan.


  3. I love Kanye and his crazy ways but Trump’s people should’ve known better than to capture this on video. Kanye is a still photo kinda guy, the less record of what was said and done, the better.


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