About The Gossip Life


Founded by several journalists with experience at some of the biggest publications in the world, The Gossip Life is a website that revolves around blind items and hot gossip.​

The Gossip Life was founded to bring you juicy stories, not to earn its owners any money. We rely on our advertisement to cover the hosting service and domain, nothing more.

Why did we start the Gossip Life?

“It really was disillusioning working in journalism and seeing the sheer amount of stories and pieces put aside because of legality, especially when  often just months later the news came out, anyway. Back in early 2014, I’d discovered the news of Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman and I was desperate to release the breaking news. Of course, the publication I worked at adamantly refused, (understandably) citing legal reasons. and in late 2014, out came the story. Now with The Gossip Life, I don’t have to worry about legality. I can tell you the hot gossip before it’s released, then reveal the answer when it is. It’s fun for all of us!” – Christina

What exactly are blind items?

“Blind items are gossip stories that are posted without any names attached, although some drop subtle hints about the identify of the celebrities involved. The reason for this primarily is legality. With injunctions and lawsuits, it’s often a journalist’s way to telling you the story without risking repercussions.

The Daily Mail, Page Six and many other media sources have engaged in the practice and with commenters / readers guessing the identity of those involved, blind items have evolved into a fun game.” – Christina

How do we know your blind items are real?

“Being a user of the Internet, you have to have a certain level of scepticism and a certain level of trust. I think our track record (see: blinds revealed) speaks for itself, and shows that we are a website that can be trusted. We verify every story here.” – Christina

Who exactly are you and who have you worked for?

“In order to protect our ability to get the best exclusive gossip and news, we must shroud our identities in secrecy like Batman. We personally think it adds to our appeal!” – Scott

How do we contact The Gossip Life?

“If you need to contact us for whatever reason, please use our contact page.” – Sam

When do you post?

“As the site manager, I receive the news and blind items from Scott and Chris, and I choose when we publish them. I try and post a blind and a news story every weekday.” – Sam