Box Office Analysis (15/09/17)

It’s the second weekend of the box office Juggernaut that is It. The Stephen King adaptation smashed records last week when it grossed over a $100 million domestically and started a […]

Box Office Round-Up (11/09/17)

It’s Monday night, which means the working week begins and the weekend at the box office is OVER until the end of the week. I think I can speak for […]

Box Office Results (04/09/17)

The worst summer at the box office has closed out, meaning we can move on from this horrible season, cherish memories of Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, […]

Box Office Analysis (01/09/17)

Summer is coming to an end and the box office has been disappointing and deplorable according to most film analysers like myself. Studios have also expressed dismay at the numbers […]

Box Office Results (07/08/17)

Johnny Box Office is back with a quick box office round-up after TGL’s week long vacation and one of the worst weekends of the summer for movies. The Dark Tower, […]

Box Office Results (24/07/17)

  As promised, this weekend was a BIG MONEY WEEKEND with Dunkirk knocking it out of the park. It wasn’t all good news, however, Valerian stumbled out of the gate […]

Box Office Results (17/07/17)

This weekend promised and delivered BIG MONEY with Planet of the Apes beating out Spider-Man for the top spot, but audiences declined at theatres, suggesting summer is reaching the end […]

The Gossip Life Supports Net Neutrality

In light of ongoing circumstances, we here at The Gossip Life are pleased to announce we fully support Net Neutrality and keeping the internet free from potential extra fees and […]

The Gossip Life’s New Old Home

Gossipers, for months now our loyal commenters have requested we leave Wix because of the slow interface, various glitches and Queen Sarah in the comment section. We’ve heard your cries […]

Blind Item (08/07/2016)

This C-list actress / singer was a member of one of the biggest groups of all time, but she’s launching a new musical venture and she’s planning on capitalising on […]

Box Office Predictions (08/07/2016)

This weekend sees not only the return of the Box Office Predictions feature to The Gossip Life, but also animation to dominance. We’ll see two animated movies battling it out for […]

Sophie Turner Needs a Bra

Game of Thrones has just finished its seven season and you know what means, the actors and actresses of the show fade into glorified irrelevance until at leastApril of next year. […]