Blind Item (18/05/2015)

This actor was formerly A-list due to a huge franchise disproportionate to his own size. He’s starring in TV shows and movies, but what we’re interested in is what happened in […]

Blind Item (17/05/2015)

This show has huge buzz around it, with fans and with advertisers alike… Yet the network is worrying. They’ve seen entire episodes of the show and they’re already resigning themselves […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a Mess

The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 37, was seen on the mean streets of London drinking directly from a bottle of vodka (see: sure signs of alcoholism). Our friends tell […]

British Soap Awards Fashion Recap

Kym Marsh arrives in a white gown with silver trim and cut outs. Hate this tacky getup, and the dress is bad too. 3/10 Stephanie Waring was in silver silk and […]

Blind Item (17/05/2015)

This one bites because I love this B-list versatile presenter on my screen, but he has a little problem… It’s his breath! It reeks! One former co-presenter described it as […]

Romney vs Holyfield

Has anyone been following this story but me? Mitt Romney, Former Governor of Massachusetts, went up against Evander Holyfield, Former Undisputed World Champion, in a bout for charity. It was a silly […]

Cannes – Sea of Trees Booed

Sea of Tree (Yep!) directed by Gus Van Sant (the rug trapped on the sad man, above) and starring Matthew “All right, all right” McConaughey and Naomi “We couldn’t get Kate Winslet” […]

Blind Item (16/05/2015)

This A-List actress is beautiful and rich. She had no desire to get married, as she publicly stated to you thousands of times in print. Yet she now wears a wedding […]

Blind Item (16/05/2015)

This politician wants to be the leader of his party as all ambitious politicians do, but yet he’s not / no longer running. Why? Our politician has a little problem. […]

Rome – Review (Season 1 & 2)

  Aired: 2005 – 2007 Seasons: 2 Episodes: 22 Starring: Kevin McKidd, Ray Stevenson, Polly Walker & James Purefoy. Genre: Historical Drama. Spoilers Ahead! Description Rome is a historical-drama chronicling […]