Blind Item Revealed — Cameron Diaz

This A-list actress has basically retired at this point. She has no incentive or want to work. The scripts and the offers are coming, but she’s turning them all down. […]

Daily Blind Item — Follow Their Lead

You might have noticed that award season was a little different this year. Instead of the focus on the films, shows and the performances, the centre of attention was firmly […]

Daily Blind Item — Worrying Pregnancy

This former teen icon is reportedly carrying a baby and that has her family worried BIG TIME. They aren’t sure about her relationship partner and don’t know if she’s still […]

Daily Blind Item — Overheard at Lunch

Be careful who you talk about in public in Los Angeles. Executives were reportedly overheard complaining about the salary of this A lister. ‘I thought we stopped paying people that […]

Daily Blind Item — Gay Heir

He has the famous last name, but he’s considered to be the screw-up of the family and causes a lot of conflict between other members. Do you want to know […]

Daily Blind Item — Oscar Meltdown

Tradition was broken last night at the Academy Awards when Casey Affleck declined to present the Best Actress category and was replaced by the female duo of Oscar-winners, Jennifer Lawrence […]

Daily Blind Item — The Leaker

Jennifer Aniston has reportedly cut out one of her famous friends from her inner circle because she was convinced [name omitted] was leaking personal information to the media. ‘It’s common […]

Daily Blind Item — Crazy Commenter

‘Trust me,’ the source expands. ‘If you saw this actress in the street, you would probably do a runner ’cause she’s such a nut. And I was dealing with nonstop […]

Daily Blind Item — Madonna’s Ex

A famous ex lover of Madonna’s was reportedly shopping a book about their relationship and Madonna allegedly succeeded in shutting it down at the tenth hour with the help of […]

Daily Blind Item — Accent Faker

This actress is one of the most famous in the world right now, but there are some from her past that find her a little hard to recognise. ‘She had […]

Daily Blind Item — Feelers Out

She’s one of the most successful actresses of television and is considered by many executives to be “ratings gold” and yet this bona fide A list Actress can’t seem to […]

Daily Blind Item — Not So Funny

This A list comedian, who is definitely in the top tier right now, might make a living making others laugh, but I highly doubt he’s in the mood for jokes […]

Daily Blind Item — Stop the Damage

This movie studio has had to come up with a whole strategy to minimise the damage of their controversial A list star, who a huge part of the movie-going audience […]

Daily Blind Item — Chopping Block

You might see this reality show talked about quite a bit on the internet, but that isn’t going to save it from the chopping block apparently because the major reality […]