Blind Item Revealed — Priscilla Presley

Rumours are circulating in Hollywood that this actress has LEFT the Church very quietly and without causing waves in the Scientology lake. Don’t expect her to be making a Leah […]

Daily Blind Item — Return to the Ring

We told you about Goldberg’s illustrious return to the WWE after over ten years away and here we are again with another similar scoop – we’ve received word about another […]

Daily Blind Item — Smart Business

These actresses are on one of the biggest shows in the world right now, but you know how Hollywood works, lifers — one second you’re the hottest thing on the […]

Daily Blind Item — No Filming

Hugh Jackman became a huge meme after the Golden Globes on Sunday when his hilariously vexed reaction to James Franco beating him out for the award went viral. This A […]

Daily Blind Item — Gross Attitude

Thanks for the warm welcomes, lifers. Pleased to be back. Got a little tea for you from a colleague from New York. Apparently this B list television personality, who is […]

Daily Blind Item — Rumours Flying

Rumours are flying about this upcoming season of this beloved TV show. “Not as good as the first,” says a source. “I was actually quite disappointed.” “Fans are probably going […]

Daily Blind Item — Banned from Air

Isn’t this ironic? Apparently this former A list radio personality, who built a career out of shock, has a list of terminology and topics banned from the air and won’t […]

Daily Blind Item — Options REJECTED

This studio is working on a sequel to a big movie, but they won’t be exercising the options of several contracts, so don’t expect many of the previous movie’s cast […]

Daily Blind Item — Close Scrutiny

I’m hearing this A list actress’s people are worried about her working connections with some of Hollywood’s most notorious abusers coming under close scrutiny. So far our actress has avoided […]

Daily Blind Item — Not Feeling It

I’m getting fed a lot of gossip on this A list actor that was once amongst the biggest names in Hollywood and the latest information I’ve been fed is pretty […]

Daily Blind Item — Network Overtures

  This A list network are reportedly making overtures to a disgraced A list personality, who was formerly one of the biggest names on the network. ‘I expect there to […]

Daily Blind Item — No Nom For You

You might not remember this, but after Nicole Kidman starred as Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco, there was an incredible amount of buzz about Kidman’s performance and the Weinstein […]

Daily Blind Item — Arguing Anorexia

Apparently this B / C list relationship on the verge of no longer being a thing. “Nonstop arguments over her weight,” confides a source. “He feels she doesn’t eat enough […]

Daily Blind Item — Anonymous Source

A month before a recent big scandal broke, an anonymous source, who had never supplied me with anything before, reached out with an email that documented the scandal and many […]

Daily Blind Item — No HBO

Short and sweet today. This A list writer adamantly refuses to work with HBO over their treatment of him on his last television show and when pitching new projects, won’t […]