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Category: Blind Items Revealed

Blind Item Revealed — Henry Cavill

Thanks to its passionate fan base, the television adaption of The Witcher is one of the hottest properties on Netflix’s slate and the streaming service hopes the show will not […]

Blind Item Revealed — Mariah Carey

This kinda eccentric A-list icon went through an experimental stage in the late 90s. Drugs? Yes, but that’s not what this is about. Sex? Yes, but that’s not what this […]

Blind Item Revealed — Demi Lovato

I’m hearing that this hot starlet is hooked on chasing the Mexican horse, and I don’t mean Eva Longoria. Yes, two separate LA sources have insisted that this slutty star […]

Blind Item Revealed — Heather Locklear

This actress could be considered B-list, maybe A-list in her prime with some spin. She consistently managed to find decent work throughout the eighties and the nineties in the primetime […]

Blind Item Revealed — Cameron Diaz

This A-list actress has basically retired at this point. She has no incentive or want to work. The scripts and the offers are coming, but she’s turning them all down. […]

Blind Item Revealed — Kevin Spacey

I’m hearing this A-list actor that just won’t come out has such a bad reputation for fondling and propositioning young men in London that he’s been banned from several choice […]

Blind Item Revealed — Priscilla Presley

Rumours are circulating in Hollywood that this actress has LEFT the Church very quietly and without causing waves in the Scientology lake. Don’t expect her to be making a Leah […]

Blind Item Revealed — Harvey Weinstein

This A-list producer is panicking. Once a pivotal part of Hollywood, their influence continues to wane as their company loses steam and esteem. They’re the joke of the town right […]