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Category: Blind Items Revealed

Blind Item Revealed — Game of Thrones

Rumour has is that the next episode of this A list television show is set to feature the biggest special effects sequence in the show’s history and involves the end […]

Blind Item Revealed — Ozark

I had a conversation with a friend and regular source today about an upcoming TV show. It’s got a talented B-list star to top line and has credible staff behind […]

Blind Item Revealed — Katy Perry

It’s a move David Bowie notably pulled in the 80’s and now this A-list singer is looking to try her hand at acting. ‘It’s something she’s dabbled in before,’ says […]

Blind Item Revealed — Drake

Let me just give a warning to every straight male celebrity in the world: porn stars may have sex on camera for a living, but that doesn’t mean they’ll just […]

Blind Items Revealed — Bill O’Reilly

Can we get a preemptive restraining order? This A-list television personality is earning quite the reputation as a sexual harasser at his network. Incessant, unwanted phone calls, emails and texts […]

Blind Item Revealed

This A-list model is a living legend in the industry and she had some very choice words for two new A-list models on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk. She didn’t like […]

Blind Item Revealed

This B-list wrestling company is about to go BANKRUPT. Unless something insane happens over the next couple of weeks, you can expect the announcement or news to break very soon. […]

Blind Item Revealed

This A-list actor has been on-and-off with his wife of over ten years, but I’ve been told that they’re now off for good, and they will be moving forward with […]

Blind Item Revealed

The first episode of this A-list TV show has leaked onto the deep web. Expect to see the news story breaking very soon as it reaches more mainstream websites. What […]

Blind Item Revealed

There’s much speculation about who will join the cast of this long-running hit show. Much of the loyal fandom have been campaigning for their favourites and pleading for producers to […]

Blind Item Revealed

A decision has been made to slowly phase this A-list fighter out of the company. Their heart is no longer in the game and the hierarchy knows it. Who is […]

Blind Item Revealed

This former B-list comedian’s income has dropped to under 6 figures a year. It’s nowhere near what he used to earn and he’s struggling to pay his bills. Bankruptcy filing […]

Blind Item Revealed

Don’t expect the usual messy break-up drama from this A-list actress’s upcoming divorce. She’s assembled a PR team and family to keep her in line. She knows just how much […]