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Category: Blind Items

Daily Blind Item — Sugar Mommy

They seem to be happy and loved up, but more and more of her friends are telling me that they’re disturbed. ‘He’s a bit of a ponce,’ says one source […]

Daily Blind Item — Cocaine Budget

Dennis Quaid insisted that movies often have a cocaine allocation cleverly hidden in the budget and while various sources over the years have insisted that isn’t as common as it […]

Daily Blind Item — Not Playing Ball

This retired baseball player might be a living legend, but that doesn’t mean he’ll play ball when it comes to autographs and selfies. Several sources have told me over the […]

Daily Blind Item — Audio Exist

Apparently audio exists of this fairly disliked A list actress slamming down drinks and ranting angrily at an industry event. Several actresses, believed friends and secret enemies, are targeted during […]

On This Day — March 16th

March 16th is the 75th day of the year (76th in leap years)┬áin the Gregorian calendar. There are 290 days remaining until the end of the year. This date is […]

Daily Blind Item — Reality Star Hooker

Apparently a member of this ensemble cast has gained credible information that their co-star was a popular and known escort in Europe before their casting on the show. ‘It may […]

Daily Blind Item — Dumped for Drugs

She was warning about him before they got together, but did she listen? No, she didn’t. Several sources tell me that this hot relationship ended because the female part issued […]

Daily Blind Item — Follow Their Lead

You might have noticed that award season was a little different this year. Instead of the focus on the films, shows and the performances, the centre of attention was firmly […]