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Category: Blind Items

Daily Blind Item — Chopping Block

You might see this reality show talked about quite a bit on the internet, but that isn’t going to save it from the chopping block apparently because the major reality […]

Daily Blind Item — Diva Demands

You might have seen this high-profile ensemble movie in theatres last year, but apparently the cast was almost very different with a certain controversial A list actress in negotiations for […]

Daily Blind Item — To The Limit

What happens when you’re a young A list superstar that loves women, drugs and drinking? You usually get bored and that’s definitely the case with this A lister, who apparently […]

Daily Blind Item — Trump Book

  A book on the Trump White House is apparently being written and a proposal is already circulating publishers. Is there anything special about that? Not particularly, but what makes […]

Daily Blind Item — Not Becoming

Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are reportedly disgusted with the behaviour and comments of this Oscar-winning B list actress, and a source tells me they’ve […]

Daily Blind — Thinning, Balding Mess

You may have already noticed that this A lister always sports weaves and wigs, and is very rarely seen with their natural hair. It’s defended as a time-saving practise, but […]

Daily Blind Item — Dress You Up

This world-famous A lister tries to pretend he’s the pinnacle of masculinity but several separate sources have told us over the years that he has a real thing about dressing […]

Daily Blind Item — Best Drugs In Town

Someone dropped me a text message recently about partying with this Hollywood A lister that’s notoriously “wacky” and the source insists that the A lister has access to the best […]

Daily Blind Item — Mental Welfare

Friends and family of this high profile Hollywood activist are worried about their mental well-being, sources tell me. ‘[name omitted] has been having some very strange thoughts,’ a source whispers. […]

Daily Blind Item — Abusive Diva

With the Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood sexual abuse stories coming to somewhat of an end recently, the Gossip Life expects stories of emotional abusive stars to take their place as […]

Daily Blind Item — Paid Girlfriend

A media outlet is working on a big story exposing the wife of a former A list Hollywood power player, revealing her history as a high class escort and paid […]

Daily Blind Item — Big Budget

I’m being told this A list television show with a lot of hype is quietly becoming one of the most expensive on television, beating out Game of Thrones, The Walking […]

Daily Blind Item — Trump’s Contract

Sources tell me an A list reality star has signed a special contract with President Trump to keep stum about their past working relationship and faces a big penalty if […]