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Category: Blind Items

Daily Blind Item — No Nom For You

You might not remember this, but after Nicole Kidman starred as Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco, there was an incredible amount of buzz about Kidman’s performance and the Weinstein […]

Daily Blind Item — Arguing Anorexia

Apparently this B / C list relationship on the verge of no longer being a thing. “Nonstop arguments over her weight,” confides a source. “He feels she doesn’t eat enough […]

Daily Blind Item — No HBO

Short and sweet today. This A list writer adamantly refuses to work with HBO over their treatment of him on his last television show and when pitching new projects, won’t […]

Daily Blind Item — Cost an Oscar

The Harvey Weinstein scandal hasn’t just messed with one career. It’s almost messed with another’s career and the actress in question is not happy about it. ‘[expletive] him,’ she reportedly […]

Daily Blind Item — Creepy Director

I was tempted to call this blind item “untitled,” because creepy director sounds like a B movie and you definitely wouldn’t associate this director with B movies. This director is […]

Daily Blind Item – Midlife Crisis

We may all love this A list actor, but the people in his life don’t share our love right now. ‘He’s going through something,’ says a source. ‘A midlife crisis, […]

Daily Blind Item — A-hole Director

Production is underway and the rumours about this A list director’s behaviour are already rampant with several sources claiming he’s a nightmare to work with. I’m already hearing some bizarre […]

Daily Blind Item — Political Move

You might associate politicians with Washington or London, but you might not be associating either place with this A list politician in the future. Apparently they’re moving out of the […]

Daily Blind Item — Serious Philanthropist

This former A lister, best known for her looks and not her brain, is attempting to reinvent herself (and revitalise her career) as a serious philanthropist and thinker. Don’t expect […]

Daily Blind Item — Selling Now

This former B lister is selling assets after their earnings plummeted to under 6 figures, likely, barring a comeback, symbolising the end of their career, as well as their earning […]

Daily Blind Item — Just Send a Check

This A lister has been banned from making any charitable appearances regarding Hurricane Irma over a media appearance during the last big disaster. “[Name omitted] is a lovely person,’ says […]