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Category: Blind Items

Blind Item (26/05/2015)

This A-list actor has been on some of the biggest television shows of recent times, but it’s his personal life that usually makes the headlines. You may have noticed, however, […]

Blind Item (21/05/2015)

While you were focusing on another part of this A-list reality star’s look, she had another large plastic surgery. It took her a long time to admit to the first […]

Blind Item (20/05/2015)

It’s not often you come across an actor with a D-list career and an A-list ego, but this is definitely the case with our Canadian actor today. He’s on a […]

Blind Item (19/05/2015)

This A-list reality star has some well documented problems. She really needs help, but those around her who should be helping and protecting her – they’re doing just the opposite: encouraging […]

Blind Item (18/05/2015)

This actor was formerly A-list due to a huge franchise disproportionate to his own size. He’s starring in TV shows and movies, but what we’re interested in is what happened in […]

Blind Item (17/05/2015)

This show has huge buzz around it, with fans and with advertisers alike… Yet the network is worrying. They’ve seen entire episodes of the show and they’re already resigning themselves […]

Blind Item (17/05/2015)

This one bites because I love this B-list versatile presenter on my screen, but he has a little problem… It’s his breath! It reeks! One former co-presenter described it as […]

Blind Item (16/05/2015)

This A-List actress is beautiful and rich. She had no desire to get married, as she publicly stated to you thousands of times in print. Yet she now wears a wedding […]

Blind Item (16/05/2015)

This politician wants to be the leader of his party as all ambitious politicians do, but yet he’s not / no longer running. Why? Our politician has a little problem. […]