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Category: Blind Items

Daily Blind Item — Too Difficult

She’s got a couple of Oscar nominations and even her harshest critics would concede that she’s one of the finest actresses of her generation, but as more time passes by […]

Daily Blind Item — Lying About Split

This A list couple reportedly split up earlier this year and despite the tabloid stories of constant feuds and fights that followed, we have a different revelation about this couple. […]

Daily Blind Item — An Open Secret

Several different sources have reached out to us all over the last few months and warned us about this comedy that hits theatres this month. ‘It has a lot of […]

Daily Blind Item — Flowers to Demi

As you may have already noticed, there is a lot of conflicting information coming from various sources close to Demi Lovato and it’s causing many tabloids to revise stories or […]

Daily Blind Item — Lapsed Mormon

This singer is held up as one of the ‘hot young celebrity Mormons’ but a source tells us that he is a Mormon no more, having exited the church in […]

Daily Blind Item — Casting Central

Bravo is going into meltdown at the moment with several of their biggest franchises in the need of new cast members. I’ve got the tea on some of the offers […]