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Category: Blind Items

Daily Blind Item — Queen of Raya

Have you heard of Raya? That’s not the title of a low-budgeted, indy movie coming out. It’s the name of an exclusive ‘famous people’ dating app that is more popular […]

Daily Blind Item — Insurance Issues

When you’re A list, a box office draw and actually talented, you usually won’t find any issues getting insurance before a movie shoot, even if you are a huge mess. […]

Daily Blind Item — Interview Block

It will soon be time for this A list actress to promote her big movie and memos are already being given out to journalists and magazines that she will absolutely […]

Daily Blind Item — Reformed Bitch

She had one of the worst reputations in Hollywood because of her bad attitude and her lack of professionalism. Not anymore. Our A list actress is quickly becoming a beloved […]

Daily Blind Item — Reboot Murder

What happens when everybody wants a reboot but one of the stars of the classic show? Well, we’re about to find out because this reboot of this mega hit show […]

Daily Blind Item — Unhinged Trophy Wife

Today we’re talking about trophy wives and I don’t mean that short-lived sitcom starring Malin Akerman. People close to this A lister are worried about the mental health of his […]

Daily Blind Item — #MeToo Liar

#MeToo is catching a lot of flack right now in Hollywood with several celebrities – including Sean Penn and Lee Daniels – controversially criticising the groundbreaking movement. One of the […]

Daily Blind Item — Less & Less

I’m not saying this A lister is taking the Cameron Diaz route and pulling the shutter down on his superstar acting career, but would I be surprised if he retired […]

Daily Blind Item — Music Thief

[Name omitted] is one of the biggest artists in the world and you’d expect all the dirt on them to have already been exposed, but as the Harvey Weinstein scandal […]

Daily Blind Item — Bad Influence

I heard – through other people – from the parent of a famous girl’s boyfriend recently and I got hit with such an avalanche of gossip and drama that I […]

Daily Blind Item — Riddled Up

Gossipers, I have some delicious tea for you. Many people have noticed that Wendy Williams has gone in hard on this A lister over the years, targeting the personal life of […]