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Category: Box Office Stuff

Box Office Round-Up (11/09/17)

It’s Monday night, which means the working week begins and the weekend at the box office is OVER until the end of the week. I think I can speak for […]

Box Office Results (04/09/17)

The worst summer at the box office has closed out, meaning we can move on from this horrible season, cherish memories of Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, […]

Box Office Analysis (01/09/17)

Summer is coming to an end and the box office has been disappointing and deplorable according to most film analysers like myself. Studios have also expressed dismay at the numbers […]

Box Office Results (07/08/17)

Johnny Box Office is back with a quick box office round-up after TGL’s week long vacation and one of the worst weekends of the summer for movies. The Dark Tower, […]

Box Office Results (24/07/17)

  As promised, this weekend was a BIG MONEY WEEKEND with Dunkirk knocking it out of the park. It wasn’t all good news, however, Valerian stumbled out of the gate […]

Box Office Results (17/07/17)

This weekend promised and delivered BIG MONEY with Planet of the Apes beating out Spider-Man for the top spot, but audiences declined at theatres, suggesting summer is reaching the end […]

Box Office Predictions (08/07/2016)

This weekend sees not only the return of the Box Office Predictions feature to The Gossip Life, but also animation to dominance. We’ll see two animated movies battling it out for […]

25/04/2016 Box Office Round-Up

What a bloody weekend a the box office. The Jungle Book was crowned king of the kingdom, The Huntsman fell on its axe and The Barbershop closed down to a […]

22/04/16 Box Office Predictions

Time to predict the box office of the upcoming weekend. We have a couple of interesting prospects — The Huntsman: Winter’s War, The Jungle Book and Barbershop 3. Let’s get […]

18/04/2016 Box Office Round-Up

What a weekend for the box office! The Jungle Book absolutely devoured its competition and the third instalment of the Barbershop series performed very well, too. Let’s get into it. […]

15/04/2016 Box Office Predictions

It’s a weekend that promises a lot and really needs to deliver for a lot of people. The Jungle Book and Barbershop 2 will make their debuts and Batman v Superman […]

11/04/2016 Box Office Round-Up

It’s been a mega weekend with an absolutely huge opening and several examples of good counter-scheduling. You can see our predictions for the weekend here. The Boss Budget: $29 M […]