Best & Worst Dressers on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has just finished airing after an incredibly disappointing season, but while the drama and the tension wasn’t there on the screen; the fashion as per usual gave me life for good and bad reasons.

So, I thought… Why not rank the best and worst dressers Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Anything is bound to be more interesting than recapping Dorit being late again.



As much as I hate to give Dorit and that phoney accent of hers any credit, I must admit that’s she’s quite easily in the top tier of dressers on RHONY. Almost effortlessly stylish and aided by her model-esque body. Dorit slays in tight, age-and-birth-defying dresses, as well as more casual youthful looks like this one here.

With that being said the Connecticut-born, English-accented beauty makes the same mistake that many of her cast members make by valuing brand prestige over style, memorably and hideously sporting a Gucci fanny pack for reasons still unknown.


Understated, simplistic and feminine, Teddi doesn’t like you’d expect a Real Housewife or a reality star of any show to dress and yet – not only does it work for her – but it works for us too. She pretty much earned her place here by being the only one at the reunion to look like she wore something from this decade. See here.

Erika Giraldi aka Erika Jayne

I have mixed feelings about Erika’s fashion overall, but due to her daring nature and the lack of viable competition, she sneaks in at the bottom of the Best list.

Although I’m not a huge fan of her approach to fashion as she seems to like dressing up in costume rather than dressing up to be stylish, I think that when she strikes somewhere in between she really does strike hot. Love this outfit on Erika.


Kyle Richards

Quite possibly the worst dressers in any of the franchises, Kyle makes the carnal sin of not knowing how to dress for her body and often picking out the ugliest outfits that Gucci or any of the top brands have to offer. See here for proof.

As LuAnn infamously said, ‘Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes.’ Apparently so do Gucci and whenever they do, there’s Kyle Richards to sweep it up and wear it.

How does she own a fashion store? It’s like Sonja Morgan running a rehab clinic!

Lisa Vanderpump

I’ve always thought the iconic LVP looked at least ten years older than her actual age of apparently 57 (that means she was in her late 40’s during the first season of RHOBH) and a large part of me thinking that is due to her campy, Joan-Collins-in-Dynasty-esque style.

A huge fan of big sleeves, ruffles and anything shiny, LVP almost always looks dated. She tries to add a little youth and vibrancy to her looks with the belts by Gucci and Chanel, but nothing could overcome sleeves that would make Elvis blush and metallic that only works on a sports car. See here for just one example of LVP getting it wrong.  Oh. And here.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna almost ended up on the best, but Erika ended up stealing her spot because unlike Erika, when it comes to style, Lisa is as lazy with fashion as she is with her Melrose Place hair. It’s fine; it works, but she rarely changes it up and never really brings the fire and although Lisa is making a name for herself for being indolent (she admitted she didn’t deliberately bring drama on the last season of RHOBH), I’m simply not a fan.

An example of Lisa being boring style-wise here. 


Trash Watch — Rihanna Cosplays as the Pope at the Met Ball


It’s unfortunately that time of year again, Gossipers. The time of year where the Daily Mail posts eighty articles a minute and we all have to pretend we care and tweet about it.

I of course talk about fashion’s lamest day, the Met Ball, which, organised by the scary-looking Anna Wintour from Vogue, held its annual fundraising gala and went for the oddly-picked blasphemous theme of Catholicism.

While the vast majority of B and C listers in attendance interpreted the theme loosely and only went as far as choosing dresses sporting cardinal reds or virginal whites, Rihanna went hard, dressing in a slutty Papal outfit and looking like a freakish creature from a futuristic dystopia imagined by the The Wachowskis and realised into another bomb movie.

I am a big fan of Rihanna and rate her as one of the top artists around, but I’ve never found her to be particular inspired when it comes to style and yesterday I was proven right once again.

It still wasn’t as bad as Madonna that one year…

BUT we’re still putting you on trash watch, R.


Best Cannes Looks of 2015

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the Cannes Film Festival. Whether it be the drama (Grace of Monaco Fiasco) or the buzzing reviews (Carol), Cannes can always count me in as a follower of the festival. With that being said, I love the dresses more than I love anything else. Here’s my best looks:


1. Cate Blanchett in Giles Deacon. 

Oh, Queen Cate – you shall slay for another day. After that nasty business with the bisexuality, Cate recovered well in this printed strapless Giles Deacon dress. It’s eccentric (like her) and just perfect for colourful Cannes. 9/10


2. Salma Hayek in Gucci.

Few women can pull of a dress like this without coming across as a flat-chested frau or a slutty starlet, but Miss Hayek manages to look both classy and sexy in this number by Gucci. I like the clutch too. 8/10


3. Katrina Kaif in Oscar De La Renta.

I have no idea who Katrina Kaif is, but I do know that I love her dress here. It pops against the crimson carpet and instantly catches my eye. It’s a little floral-gothic, but it works! 7/10


4. Naomi Watts in Elie Saab.

Is this what happens when you mix classy Australian with Vegas showgirl? If so, I like it! It’s a feathery drag queen dress that Divine wouldn’t be caught dead in, but Miss Watts somehow manages to impress with understated jewellery and accessories. 7/10


5. Emily Blunt in Stella McCartney.

Emily Blunt seems to be wearing the dress version of a disco-ball and I love it. It’s fun and it’s eye-catching, and the jewellery compliments her perfectly.

Worst Cannes Looks of 2015


1. Irina Shayk in Versace.

This is quite possibly one of the worst dresses I’ve ever seen at Cannes. If I was Bradley Cooper, I’d end whatever potential relationship on the basis of the four (count ’em) straps alone! 1/10


2. Charlotte Vandermeersch

I have no idea who this is, but I know she shouldn’t be allowed on a red carpet again anytime soon after this mismatched ensemble. You’re at the Cannes Film Festival, dear! Make an impression! Scratch that… Make a good impression! 2/10


3. Li Yuchun

I do not understand why Chinese actress and singer Li Yuchun felt the need to show up dressed as the red carpet. She looks like a ketchup bottle. 2/10


4. Vincent McDoom

Television personality (where?) Vincent McDoom actually chose to wear this dress at Cannes. She looks like shredded toilet paper. 2/10


5. Kendall Jenner in Azzedine Alaia

I have little idea why Kendall Jenner at a film festival in Cannes (actually I do), but I know she shouldn’t be appearing there in this futuristic Dynasty-reject. She looks awkward and frumpy, which is likely a first for the slender Jenner. At least it matches. 3/10

British Soap Awards Fashion Recap


Kym Marsh arrives in a white gown with silver trim and cut outs. Hate this tacky getup, and the dress is bad too. 3/10


Stephanie Waring was in silver silk and lace by Ono Uno. An improvement! 6/10


Jorgie Porter of Hollyoaks looked gorgeous in a black gown. 8/10


Hollyoaks’ Jazmine Franks tried to be nine again. 4/10


Gemma Atkinson in a pretty but slightly awkward blue gown. 6/10


EastEnders newcomer Jasmine Armfield opted for lacy red and a gormless look on her face.


Hollyoaks’ veteran Jessica Fox chose an epileptic fit of a dress. 1/10


Tamara Wall has the biggest forehead vein in the world. I’m not even going to pretend I was looking at the dress.


Allison King looks sexy and demure. 9/10


Where to start with Brooke Vincent? …Is that half-leather? 2/10


I love this yellow gown that perfectly suits her body and skintone. I wish I could see the shoes! 10/10

American Idol Red Carpet Fashion Recap (Nicole Kidman & Jennifer Lopez)


Nicole Kidman supported Keith Urban at the American Idol Red Carpet yesterday. She’s wearing Giselle Suede Strappy Sandal by L.K.Bennett. No idea who or where the leopard skin dress is by or from. I know I don’t like it, though. 5/10


Jennifer Lopez, one of the three judges, made an appearance wearing Zuhair Murad. J-Lo, who has recently accepted a residency in Las Vegas, is claiming she’s ‘kind of not single’ recently. Yawn. I prefer this, but not by much. 7/10