Who is the married footballer with the leaked What’s App foursome video?


The Daily Mail reported (said with tongue in cheek) today on a Premier League club denying that footage circulating on What’sApp of a foursome involves one of their star players.

The married man, who cannot be named for legal reasons (likely an injunction), is supposedly a ‘household name’ and none of the women in the video are his wife. Uh oh.

The whole situation is very reminiscent to Alan Pardew trying to cover up his dirty deed  or Robbie Keane attempting to hide his cheeky affair.

Now I don’t want to dish the dirt too hard, but my sources and I all agree on who it looks like. Unfortunately I cannot share this information for legal reasons. Sorry about that, Gossipers.

In other news, Liverpool’s record signing goalkeeper Alisson continues to impress with several clean sheets.

On This Day — August 7th


August 7th is the 219th day of the year (220th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 146 days remaining until the end of the year.

This day marks the approximate midpoint of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and of winter in the Southern Hemisphere (starting the season at the June solstice).


768 – The papacy of Stephen III, who convened the Lateran Council of 769, began.

1679 – Le Griffon, a brigantine built by René-Robert de La Salle, began its journey to be the first sailing ship to navigate the upper Great Lakes.

1933 – Iraqi troops slaughtered 600–3,000 Assyrians during the Simele massacre in the Dahuk and Mosul districts.

1998 – Car bombs exploded simultaneously at the American embassies in the East African capital cities of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya, killing more than 200 people and injuring more than 4,000 others.

2008 – Fighting between the Georgian and South Ossetian separatist forces escalated to the six-day Russo-Georgian War.

Celebrity Birthdays

David Duchovny turns 58

Michael Shannon turns 44

Charlize Theron turns 43

Abbie Cornish turns 36

Helen Flanagan turns 28

On This Day — August 3rd

Tom Brady before 2018 divisional playoff game.jpg_10053265_ver1.0_1280_720.jpg

August 3rd is the 215th day of the year (216th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 150 days remaining until the end of the year.


1857 – Indian Rebellion of 1857: An eight-day siege of a fortified outbuilding occupied by 68 people by a force of over 10,000 ended when a relief party dispersed the besieging forces.

1903 – Macedonian rebels in Kruševo proclaimed a republic, which existed for only ten days before Ottoman forces destroyed the town.

1913 – A strike in Wheatland, California, orchestrated by agricultural workers degenerated into a riot, becoming one of the first major farm labor confrontations in California.

1936 – African American athlete Jesse Owens won the first of his four gold medals at the Berlin Summer Olympics, dashing Nazi leaders’ hopes of Aryan domination at the Olympics.

2005 – President of Mauritania Maaouya Ould Sid’Ahmed Taya was overthrown in a military coup while he was attending the funeral of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

Celebrity Birthdays

Legendary Actor Martin Sheen turns 78

Metallica’s James Hetfield turns 55

Legendary Athlete Tom Brady turns 41

Lost Actress Evangeline Lilly turns 39

Model Karlie Kloss turns 25

Demi Lovato Suffers Heroin Overdose, Hospitalised



Demi Lovato has been rushed to hospital after a heroin overdose, TMZ reports.

TMZ sources say Lovato was transported from a home in the Hollywood Hills just before noon today, and is currently being treated.  No information on her condition.

Lovato’s sobriety battle was regular news in the past and the former teen star went into rehab at the age of 18. After many years sober, Lovato confirmed that she had lapsed last month when she released a song called ‘Sober’.

Daily Blind Item — Big Summer Bomb


Summer is only a few months away and that means the box office is gearing up to take money in like it’s going out of fashion.

A source informs me that I shouldn’t expect this BIG NAME movie to make any money, however, saying that it’s “a certified bomb at this point” and we should witness the people behind the movie trying to mitigate the damage in the near future.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

What is our movie

Daily Blind Item — Diva Demands


You might have seen this high-profile ensemble movie in theatres last year, but apparently the cast was almost very different with a certain controversial A list actress in negotiations for a key supporting role.

‘It fell apart,’ whispers an insider, ‘because she wanted script changes, more money and most of the marketing focus. It’s a fucking ensemble and she wanted to be treated like the star of a one woman play.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our demanding diva?

Daily Blind Item — No Nom For You


You might not remember this, but after Nicole Kidman starred as Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco, there was an incredible amount of buzz about Kidman’s performance and the Weinstein Company even purchased the distribution rights based off of a short clip.

This movie has similar buzz for the lead’s performance, but insiders are telling us that we should be expecting a Grace of Monaco and not a Capote in this movie.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our lead?

What is the movie?

Daily Blind Item — Anonymous Source


A month before a recent big scandal broke, an anonymous source, who had never supplied me with anything before, reached out with an email that documented the scandal and many of the things that would happen.

I contacted AS back asking for proof and failed to get a response.

A separate source took a look at the email for me and we’ve figured out who it was (or at least who the information was coming from.)

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our anonymous source?

On This Day — October 9th


October 9th is the 282nd day of the year (283rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 83 days remaining until the end of the year. This date is slightly more likely to fall on a Tuesday, Friday or Sunday (58 in 400 years each) than on Wednesday or Thursday (57), and slightly less likely to occur on a Monday or Saturday (56).

On this day in history:

1604 – Supernova 1604, the most recent supernova to be observed in the Milky Way.

1936 – Generators at Boulder Dam (later renamed to Hoover Dam) begin to generate electricity from the Colorado River and transmit it 266 miles to Los Angeles.

1940 – During a night-time air raid by the German Luftwaffe, St. Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London, England is hit by a bomb.

1967 – A day after being captured, Marxist revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara is executed for attempting to incite a revolution in Bolivia.

2012 – Members of the Pakistani Taliban make a failed attempt to assassinate an outspoken schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai.

Celebrity Birthdays:

Model Bella Hadid turns 21

Film Director Guillermo del Toro turns 53

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron turns 51

Singer-Songwriter Sean Lennon turns 42

Country Music Singer Scotty McCreery turns 24

Television Host Sharon Osbourne turns 65

Happy Birthday to all October 9th babies!