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Category: News

Blind Item (16/05/2016)

This information was leaked to me in very questionable circumstances, but I may as-well tell you about it, anyway. Our actor is C-list, maybe B, on an A-list television show. […]

Blind Item (10/05/2016)

Ever since this B-list actress won/got nominated for a very prominent award, her self-importance has skyrocketed. She genuinely feels that her influence is unmatched and thinks her endorsements of charities […]

Radiohead Leave the Internet

It’s one of the most strange stories you’ll ever read. With the reliance and emphasis placed on social media for bands and celebrities, you wouldn’t think an established band would […]

Game of Thrones Breaks the Internet

It’s the moment HBO wait for every season and it’s come early this year, coming only it’s second episode, but Game of Thrones has broken the Internet. Featuring the shocking deaths […]

Prince has Died

Prince has died at the age of 57. The music legend was discovered this morning at his party mansion and recording studio in Minesota. He was rushed to hospital five days […]