NSFW Trash Watch — Bella Thorne Loves Getting Naked


Today I ask you, Gossipers — does Bella Thorne’s trashiness know no bounds?

Evidently not, because Thorne recently stripped off for her most revealing photoshoot yet, wearing only a black thong and her taped hair over her breasts to protect her rapidly disappearing modesty.

If that wasn’t trashy enough, the crackhead-look-alike is seen strutting around in the behind-the-scenes video with the grace of a drunk sailor.

Thorne has already deleted the video from her Instagram. Likely due to the backlash from young fans who remember when she used to act.

View the sleazy video here.

NSFW Trash Watch — Sarah Hyland Nudes Leak Online


If you thought the celebrity nude pictures leaking onto the internet phenomenon was over, then think again!

Horny men everywhere rejoiced as Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland suffered an embarrassed nude leak that rivalled the nude leak of WWE wrestler Paige.

Hyland, 26, is shown masturbating, posing naked and frolicking and performing oral sex with another girl in the mega file the Gossip Life has taken a sneaky look at. We can confirm the other girl isn’t Hyland’s co-star Ariel Winter to the aforementioned horny men’s chagrin.

No word on who the owner of the penis is as of yet, but our Fappening expert suggests it would be Hyland’s abusive ex-boyfriend, Matt Prokop, who Hyland broke up with in 2014. That would mean Hyland was – at most – 24 during the period of these pictures.

At long as it’s legal.

NSFW Trash Watch — Bella Hadid Hates Bras


Looking like a high-priced Scandinavian escort on a revenge mission, “model” Bella Hadid made a splash at the Alexandre Vauthier show at Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris last week.

Apparently she forgot something. Or not.

The less appealing alternative to Gigi, 20, marched down the runway like a Nazi , showcasing her high cheekbones, thick makeup and very visible nipples and breasts.

I’m not complaining too much. Bella is turning out to be an attractive young lady in a Russian-whore-at-sugar-daddy’s-funeral type of way. But can someone please get her a bra? It won’t be long before those things hit her knees at this rate.



NSFW Trash Watch — Stephanie Davis Calls Police Over Sex Tape Leak

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Relationship guru (seriously) and irrelevant soap-opera-actress-turned-reality-TV-person Stephanie Davis called the police this week after a naked sex tape of the Big Brother star leaked onto the internet.

Davis, 24, and her hideous tattoos are shown to be masturbating in the short clip, which was believed to have been leaked by on-and-off-again ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Jeremy McConnell, on his Twitter site.

McConnell and Davis are known for their tempestuous relationship and have had several large break-ups that have played publicly out in the media. McConnell previously denied paternity of their child together and Davis accused him of domestic abuse. What a fucking mess. Of course this hasn’t stopped the fame hungry pair from reuniting on several occasions and giving tell-all interviews about how the’re in a better place.

This is the first nude leak of a celebrity in the past five years that hasn’t included an obese hacker and an angry article from The Guardian blaming the Alt Right.

NSFW Trash Watch — Irrelevant Cara Delevingne Gets Naked In GQ


Cara Delevingne’s once thriving acting and modelling career is reaching the desperation stage.

The model has resorted to stripping off in British GQ to promote her upcoming box office failure, Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets. Badly channelling the iconic Jane Fonda in Barbarella, the bisexual attention seeker flashes her unspectacular boobs and butt in the blandiose magazine spread.

“As a really small child I always wanted to be an actress. And I wanted to be a musician. But going to school with all these incredibly talented people I was like, ‘I have no chance.’ I still did it, because I loved it, but I didn’t ever think I’d do this. That’s why I’m so happy that I modelled. I wouldn’t have made it into acting or music if I hadn’t modelled first.”

Delevingne vapidly fills the lead female role in Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets, which is probably aimlessly directed by Luc Besson and co-stars the least appealing actors in history, Dane DeHaan, Clive Owen, Ethan Hawke and… Rihanna. I think that cast tells you everything you need to know about its chance at box office success this summer.

British GQ’s edition featuring Cara on the cover is on stands now.