Meet The TGL Team


I’m the webmaster and a staff writer of The Gossip Life. I occasionally interact with our commenters, so look out for me in the comments section below!

Hobbies include spending hours playing video games, binging on TV shows and wondering where all my time goes.


I’m the Gossip Editor of The Gossip Life. Whenever I hear a piece of salacious gossip that’s too hot to publish, I verify it and ensure its published on The Gossip Life. After all, what’s life without gossip?

Hobbies include checking every gossip site on the Internet, eating way too much shortbread and studying the Harry Potter books.

I’m the News Editor of The Gossip Life and have been since its inception in 2015. I decide what is considered newsworthy enough for us to publish and occasionally chime in with my own exclusive information on the subject,

Hobbies include tennis, chess and reading.

Johnny Box Office

Your resident movie maverick that handles analysis, predictions and round-up of the box office. 

Hobbies include checking out the chicks, riding my motorcycle to the diner and chewing bubblegum.


The Gossip Life’s bitchy fashionista with an eye for haut couture and hot contouring.

If you’re under 35 and wear suede, I probably hate you with a passion. Scratch that, DEFINITELY hate you with a passion.

Fave brands include McQueen, Versace and Tom Ford.