Trash Watch — Ariel Winter Loves Being Groped


With Modern Family jumping more sharks than an Australian daredevil, the altruistic and giving Ariel Winter has attempted to distract us all from the terrible storylines and stale comedy in a selfless sacrifice that has Mother Teresa envying from Heaven.

We’re well used to Winter, 20, posting flattering-and-misleading slutty shots on Instagram and Snapchat during the summer, but the Modern Family thot – tell me that doesn’t flow so well – has kicked things up a porno step this summertime by sharing quite a few pictures of her boyfriend and unemployed actor, Levi Meaden, 30, groping her ass.

Obviously the tabloids ate this up (no pun intended) with such original headlines as ‘That’s Cheeky’, so the Modern Family Thot once again succeeded in her attempt to get attention.

It’s obviously as low class as you can get without shagging for cash, but it does majorly triumph in one element — keeping Ariel Winter on the throne as one of our reigning queens of trash.

Trash Watch — Ariel Winter Needs a Bra & Shampoo


The usually joyous Labor Day weekend was tarnished this year by an appearance from one of the reigning Queens of Trash, Ariel Winter Her Trashjesty.

Winter, 20, stocked up on groceries when the paparazzi just happened to catch sight of her and the Modern Family actress evidently forgot to wear a bra, displaying her nipples for the world to see. This is hardly unexpected behaviour from the chubby-yet-cute starlet, who has made her name as a teenage boy’s social media sex symbol in recent years.

What was unexpected, however, was the greasy state of Winter’s formerly luscious locks.

You can show us your pokies and your butt, Ariel, but the vast majority of us are distracted by that hair you dipped in a McDonalds’ chip frier. Gross.

Ariel Winter Hits the Beach in the Bahamas


Splash News

Modern Family actress Ariel Winter, 18, loves showing off her body. The comedic actress was seen at the beach in the Bahamas with boyfriend, Laurent Gaudette, on several different occasions.

I’m guessing that she called the paparazzi for these set-ups, and I’m eyeing the new tattoos which Winter had inked after her 18th birthday and are said to be dedicated to her immediate family.


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Blind Item Revealed

This B-list actress is on an A-list show. She’s planning to ‘sex up’ and ‘modernise’ her image in the coming years to secure some work outside said A-list show, which’ll likely end within the next few years.

Who is our B-list actress?

What is the A-list show?


Ariel Winter of Modern Family

Blind Posting: October 28th 2015

If you hadn’t noticed Modern Family’s Ariel Winter has been sporting a new, sexual look since the initial blind. After her breast reduction in early 2015, Winter has been seen showing more and more skin – posting hot images on her Instagram and slamming any critics for slut shaming or sexualising her.

It is all part of Winter’s scheme to be seen as an adult actress, although some have highlighted the hypocrisy of it all. Winter is still actively looking for more ‘adult’ work, now turning down any offers similar to her role of Alex on Modern Family.


Ariel Winter Shows Off Breast Reduction Scar


Modern Family actress Ariel Winter appeared at the Screen Actors Guild awards on Saturday in a revealing dress that not revealed cleavage, but also revealed the scars from her breast reduction surgery last year.

Winter, 18, has explained it was a conscious choice, saying on Twitter; “‘Guys there is a reason I didn’t make an effort to cover up my scars! They are part of me and I’m not ashamed of them at all. :)”

It’s nothing to do with the subsequent media attention she got, i’m sure…

Ariel Winter Has Breast Reduction


BroadImage; Collin Stark and Jessica Stark

It’s been speculated about for the last couple of months, but Modern Family actress Ariel Winter has finally confirmed that she underwent a breast reduction at the age of 17, reducing her chest size for a 32F to a 34D.

Winter admitted to Glamour magazine that she confided in onscreen mom Julie Bowen, who Winter claims ‘was supporting and understanding’ of the starlet’s decision. “It was so painful,” Winter says of her then breasts. “I had so many back problems.”

Winter seems happy with her decision, boasting to Glamour: “I have felt more happy with myself than I ever have.”

Ariel Winter Emancipated


Do you still watch Modern Family on ABC? I feel as if everyone has stopped and failed to tell me.

Ariel Winter, 17, who plays the nerdy and well-behaved Alex, daughter of Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen), couldn’t be further away from that image if she tried. The ABC actress was officially emancipated from her mother Chrystal Workman on Friday after one of the most messiest (and longest) cases known to Hollywood. Accusations were slung in both directions. Workman allegedly tried to leak naked pictures of her eldest daughter, Shanelle Gray (Ariel’s primary carer), to further Shanelle’s career. Winter allegedly had a boyfriend four years older than her when she was fourteen and the pair regularly shared a bed. Winter was removed from her mother’s care in May of 2014 with Shanelle Gray taking guardianship over her sister.

This follows the accusations and restraining order surrounding Sarah Hyland’s relationship with Matt Prokop.

Why does the young cast of family friendly Modern Family have such adult problems?