Daily Blind Item — Game of Thrones Clone


With the biggest show on television, Game of Thrones, ending early next year, there is going to be a huge gap in the market for epic fantasy and although many have attempted to capture the Thrones market in recent years, an industry expert tells us that it will be a much easier task when the show is actually off the air.

Well, one project is in the pre-production stage and has an advantage because they’re already got one of the Game of Thrones leads to star for a big, big payday.

‘It’s undignified of the actor,’ a source tells us. ‘It looks cheap and usually when an actor finishes a big run on a show or in a franchise, they don’t attempt to cash in on said brand by starring in a rip off.’

Apparently not our money-loving thespian.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our actor?


Daily Blind Item — Royal Wedding Invite


Meghan and Harry marry in a just a few days and the event promises be one of the most extravagant and controversial in royal history… Despite all of this, only a third of the British public are actually interested according to a recent poll.

Well, this A lister, not a member of the British public but a regular in Britain, is definitely interested and was allegedly pressing for an invite.

‘[name omitted] wasn’t invited because it’s supposed to not be a celebrity affair,’ says the source, ‘but given what I hear about [name omitted]’s drinking… My theory is that everybody wanted to avoid an ER visit.’


So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our A lister?

Daily Blind Item — Footballer Forcing a Move


One of the biggest footballers in the UK has made a big decision, a source exclusively tells us.

The transfer window in England hasn’t opened just yet, but that doesn’t mean an A list footballer isn’t already planning on making a high profile move.

‘He’s selling his mansion,’ says the source about the unsettled player. ‘It’s a quiet one to a friend, so the papers won’t clock on and be able to create drama before the season is over.’

The footballer is allegedly planning on forcing a move through if his team’s hierarchy say no and has already united his agent and his publicist in their efforts to find a good contract at another club.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our footballer?

Daily Blind Item — Recast Time


If you’re an actress, you might be getting a call for an audition soon.

Sources tell me this Netflix is planning to go and recast a lead role as the series jumps into the future.

‘[name omitted] looks too young for the time frame and she’s not the only one,’ the source explains.

So, tell me, Gossiper:

What is our series?

What is the lead role?

Daily Blind Item — XXX Tape


You might be dismissing these accusations of this A lister, but our source tells us they’re a 100% accurate and based on evidence in the form of an XXX tape that was received by our A lister which feature the ones he is accusing.

Quite the knockout punch.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our A lister?

What are the accusations?

Daily Blind Item — Political Talk



Somebody warn the House of Commons they may have a new member very soon.

This former A lister, who is known to Americans for her good looks, beautiful speaking manner and royal vibe, keeps talking about possibly running for office in the UK.

‘It’s a pipe dream,’ says the source, ‘that she wants to look further into. Who knows what could happen? [Name omitted] could be the future PM.’

So, tell me, Gossipers;

Who is the future PM of the UK?

Blind Item (14/06/2016)

Stress and chaos at this B-list network. A TV show that the company has invested millions into has flopped, taking down several key figures’ ego with it. Wait until people learn of the actual costs. Another reboot bites the dust. Expect a different take on the reboot of the reboot.

What is the show?

What is the network?

Blind Item (02/06/2016)

This is one for all the soccer fans in the UK. This footballer, a current / former Arsenal player, professes to be such a devout Muslim that he refuses to touch alcohol and engage in depraved behaviour. Well, the pictures I saw seem to disagree. He’s obtained an injunction to prevent the story from surfacing, but the pictures show the footballer engaged in a steamy group sex session, guzzling down alcohol and acting like a royal prat. Praise be to Allah indeed!

Who is he?

Blind Item (13/05/2016)

This B-list television actress is on a scandalously sexy TV show and after the first season, she was known for getting nude on television. She was unhappy with the reputation and refused to do nudity unless she felt it was absolutely necessary to the scene. After her ‘mainstream movie career’ flopped, however, she’s suddenly much more open to nudity… as you’ll be seeing on the next episode of the show this weekend in a very heated moment.

Who is she?