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Tag: Celebrity Blind

Daily Blind Item — Movie Brawlers

Prepare for this to be big news. I’m hearing of HUGE conflicts regarding this upcoming A list movie. Apparently there are so many agendas at play that the creatives involved […]

Daily Blind Item — Acting Activist

  Apparently this iconic A list television actress has spoken with her agent about possibly taking a few years off from acting and just focusing on being a full time […]

Daily Blind Item — Keep That Hidden

You might consider this popular couple A list and I wouldn’t blame you. They’re adored by their fans and occasionally set social media on fire with their relationship, but something […]

Daily Blind Item — Stop the Leaks!

We’re hearing that there might be trouble in paradise at this big time network / streaming service. Apparently the producers of this A list show are furious with the network, […]

Daily Blind Item — The Comeback

Louis CK made his comedy comeback recently after getting caught up in the #MeToo media blitz. Well, this A lister is readying for a comeback too. He’s apparently reached out […]

Daily Blind Item — Focus on my Legs!

We all have a best feature. Something that we like to emphasis to distract a little from other less “best” features. Well, apparently this A list newswoman feels that way […]

Daily Blind Item — Housewife Downgraded

Bravo blind items are always difficult to substantiate for two reasons. 1. A lot of conflicting agendas and information. More than any other network. 2. Confusion over who actually calls […]