Box Office Analysis (01/09/17)


Summer is coming to an end and the box office has been disappointing and deplorable according to most film analysers like myself. Studios have also expressed dismay at the numbers and the overall box office is reported to be down a terrible 10% from last year.

The Hollywood Reporter are calling the box office performance a historic low and The DailyWire blamed ‘failing franchises’ and ‘dirty comedies’ for the unimpressive period.

Sony’s Baby Driver may be the only unexpected beam of light in the pathetic season with the R Rated Comedy (The House, Rough Night) genre really suffering, as well as the big budget franchise hopefuls like Valerian and King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword.

The final weekend of the summer is ending with a whimper than a bang with Ryan Reynolds-Samuel L. Jackson team-up, the Hitman’s Bodyguard reigning supreme with just over $7 million.

Our friends at Box Office Mojo have compiled a top 10 list:


The Hitman’s Bodyguard (3,370 theatres) – $7.1 M
Annabelle: Creation (3,358 theatres) – $5.1 M
Wind River (2,602 theatres) – $4.0 M
Leap! (2,705 theatres) – $4.0 M
Dunkirk (2,752 theatres) – $4.0 M
Logan Lucky (2,975 theatres) – $3.3 M
Spider-Man: Homecoming (2,036 theatres) – $2.7 M
Hazlo Como Hombre (382 theatres) – $2.7 M
The Emoji Movie (2,108 theatres) – $2.3 M
Birth of the Dragon (1,633 theatres) – $2.3 M