Emma Watson’s New Movie Flops & Earns Just £47 in its Opening Weekend


It’s the headline every actor wants to avoid — embarrassing, brutal and worse of all, true. The Colony, starring Emma Watson in her first lead role since the Harry Potter series ended, has earned a laughable £47 in the UK across its opening weekend. Whilst the headline sounds terrible, especially when you factor in the £1 million + budget, it becomes less excruciating when you discover the thriller was only released in 3 theatres across the nation.

The movie, which attracted woeful reviews and 23% on Rotten Tomatoes and co-stars Daniel Brühl, is following a home streaming distribution plan, which means it’s relying on earning money via Netflix or a similar distribution service.

The limited release was likely to fulfil a contractual obligation, but the low gross and the abundance of headlines is sure to embarrass Emma Watson.

Colonia Trailer Released

Getty Images

Getty Images

It was widely taunted to be a potential awards contenders, and just after Colonia made its highly anticipated debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, the official trailer has been released for the public.

Showcasing Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl in the thriller and based on true events, the plot revolves around a young European couple in 1973 that becomes embroiled in a Chilean military coup. Watson plays Lena, a stewardess, in search for her kidnapped husband Daniel, played by Daniel Bruhl.

Watch it here.