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Tag: Game of Thrones

Blind Item Revealed — Game of Thrones

Rumour has is that the next episode of this A list television show is set to feature the biggest special effects sequence in the show’s history and involves the end […]

Blind Item Revealed

This B-list television actress is on a scandalously sexy TV show and after the first season, she was known for getting nude on television. She was unhappy with the reputation […]

Blind Item (03/05/2016)

This “model” spent near entirety of the Met Gala in the bathrooms, snorting coke and drunkenly firing barbs about her boyfriend Who is she?

Game of Thrones Breaks the Internet

It’s the moment HBO wait for every season and it’s come early this year, coming only it’s second episode, but Game of Thrones has broken the Internet. Featuring the shocking deaths […]

Blind Item Revealed

The first episode of this A-list TV show has leaked onto the deep web. Expect to see the news story breaking very soon as it reaches more mainstream websites. What […]

Best Song & Trailer Combos

It’s very rare that a movie trailer is accompanied by a song that is perfectly fitting and enhances the entire viewing experience, but on the rare occasion the editors do […]

Game of Thrones’ PR Stunt Backlash

It’s the biggest show in the world, but HBO’s marketing team surely didn’t see that winter that was coming with their endorsement of the International Rescue Committee. Featuring series stars Lena Headey, […]

Blind Item Revealed

This A-List writer is currently deep within a depression over a development that’s happened with his career. He’s under so much pressure to deliver that he may just crack. Who […]