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Tag: Industry Blind

Daily Blind Item — Hated in NYC

We’re hearing from multiple sources on a regular basis that this B list comedian is getting an incredible bad rep in NYC for his asshole antics and tenacious treatment of […]

Daily Blind Item — The Comeback

Louis CK made his comedy comeback recently after getting caught up in the #MeToo media blitz. Well, this A lister is readying for a comeback too. He’s apparently reached out […]

Daily Blind Item — Pre-Nup Squabbles

Starting off early this morning because I’m firing on all cylinders. This couple been engaged for a little bit and are supposedly getting married in the near future, but a […]

Daily Blind Item — Huge Producer Quits

The successful working relationship between this huge network and their hit-making showrunner(s) is over, our source tells us. ‘Arguments over a show have left a bad taste in the mouth […]

Daily Blind Item — Abuse of an Icon

Our traffic is exploding from our previous post, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to forget about posting a blind item today and this one is a good’un; I can’t […]

Daily Blind Item — You Stole My Girl!

We all know that this handsome middle-aged actor favours models that are well over half his age and some that are of questionable legality. What’s unique about that in Hollywood? […]

Daily Blind Item — The Witcher Cast

Thanks to its passionate fan base, the television adaption of The Witcher is one of the hottest properties on Netflix’s slate and the streaming service hopes the show will not […]

Daily Blind Item — New Judge

Apparently the current cast of judges on this ensemble talent show are annoyed that the network has insisted on mixing things up and adding another judge to the crowded panel. […]

Daily Blind Item — Insta-Insecurity

She’s an incredibly successful actress with a enviable career and a strong marriage (no divorce here), but the harsh standards of the media and the world seem to have gotten […]

Daily Blind Item — An Open Secret

Several different sources have reached out to us all over the last few months and warned us about this comedy that hits theatres this month. ‘It has a lot of […]