Trash Watch — Kate Beckinsale & Her Daughter Lily Are Being Weird


Angry at her career drying up like a grape in hot weather, Kate Beckinsale has resorted to being provocative with her daughter on Instagram to get her name in the papers.

Beckinsale shared the above image on Instagram, showing off her flexibility while pretending she didn’t at all want her followers to focus on her great ass in tight pants.

Slutting it up on social media is hardly a new practice by celebrities, but what makes the image even more disturbing and desperate is Kate’s daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, below showing off her cleavage while stretching.¬†Great parenting, Kate.

It all begs the question, where the fuck is Michael Sheen in all of this? Playing Tony Blair again? Or is there a shitty movie that needs someone to pretend to be English?