Daily Blind Item — Footballer Forcing a Move


One of the biggest footballers in the UK has made a big decision, a source exclusively tells us.

The transfer window in England hasn’t opened just yet, but that doesn’t mean an A list footballer isn’t already planning on making a high profile move.

‘He’s selling his mansion,’ says the source about the unsettled player. ‘It’s a quiet one to a friend, so the papers won’t clock on and be able to create drama before the season is over.’

The footballer is allegedly planning on forcing a move through if his team’s hierarchy say no and has already united his agent and his publicist in their efforts to find a good contract at another club.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our footballer?

Daily Blind Item — Impregnation Fetish



He’s an A list name in sports right now and one of the most talked about athletes in the world, but the talk hasn’t been so much about his skill in the game recently and more and more about his shady personal life.

Why so many baby mamas? Why so many kids? Why such shady circumstances? Our source, who has played ball with the athlete first hand, claims that he has a big time “impregnation fetish” and loves the idea of filling women with his seed.

I’m not expecting women and men to be united in their condemnation, but I think the consensus of people would agree that this wouldn’t be a big problem if he was taking care of his kids and unfortunately I’m being told he isn’t…

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our athlete?

Blind Item (02/06/2016)

This is one for all the soccer fans in the UK.┬áThis footballer, a current / former Arsenal player, professes to be such a devout Muslim that he refuses to touch alcohol and engage in depraved behaviour. Well, the pictures I saw seem to disagree. He’s obtained an injunction to prevent the story from surfacing, but the pictures show the footballer engaged in a steamy group sex session, guzzling down alcohol and acting like a royal prat. Praise be to Allah indeed!

Who is he?

Blind Item (04/05/2016)

This former B-lost footballer committed suicide abruptly, sending the footballing world into frenzy and confusing many of his colleagues. Why? How? What?

It seemed like there was no explanation for the tragedy. We have the explanation. The footballer was gay and struggled with his sexuality. He suffered from clinical depression. An injunction obtained by his wife prevents this information from surfacing.

Who is he?