Joy Behar Returns to The View



It’s been speculated about for awhile and the woman herself even announced that talks were dead, but Joy Behar has finally been confirmed as the newest co-host on The View, cementing her return to the flailing flagship morning show.

Behar and ABC were said to be in turbulent negotiations for a good couple of months and the deal was even considered to be dead in the water at some points, but ABC, desperate to secure a successful member of the team back, are said to have practically caved to Behar’s demands.

Behar will be joined by Raven Symone, Whoopi Goldberg, Michelle Collins and other new additions Paula Farris and Candance Cameron Bure.

Rosie Perez Quits The View After Kelly Osbourne Controversy

(ABC/Yolanda Perez)

(ABC/Yolanda Perez)

This is one of the most bizarre situations to happen on The View in recent years and considering the Star Jones situations and the Rosie O’Donnell hirings, that truly is saying something.

Rosie Perez is said to have quit the morning show after being FORCED to apologize to Kelly Osbourne after racist comments Osbourne made live on The View.

Perez DID tweet out an apology to Osbourne after reacting visually furious live on the air, but now it’s surfacing that producers masterminded the tweet and Perez did not forgive Osbourne for her racist comments. ABC producers are alleged to have gathered in the star’s dressing room after she refused any interaction with Osbourne when the cameras had turned off and to placate the situation (and protect Osbourne, I’m told) the producers requested Perez, 50, sent out an apologetic tweet to the rockstar’s daughter. Perez is said to have reluctantly complied with their request, but afterwards stormed off the set and slammed the producers with a verbal tirade that included the classic ‘Kiss my ass!” and campily vowing never to return. Perez has not shown up for tapings that she was scheduled to show up for, according to the Daily Mail, effectively meaning the Latina has prematurely quit the show.

Perez was already set to leave the show under the guise she’d quit to pursue her acting career (which acting career?), but Perez was fired, I’m told. She had been the first casualty of the new season several months ago, but due to Variety releasing the story before Perez (and the rest of the cast) was actually told – they sent out denials and held back on announcing the decision. Perez is considered by many behind the scenes to be the worst hiring The View has ever made, with many higher-ups furious that the linguistically challenged Perez was even hired in the first place. The View has also fired Republican Director of Communications Nicolle Wallace, who rejected a recurring role (a demotion) for next season and re-signed with MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

The View’s next season will feature Raven Symone, Michelle Collins, and Whoopi Goldberg talking around the table. Full House actress Candace Cameron-Bure and ABC’s Paula Faris are waiting to be announced.



Kelly Osbourne Drops Unbelievable Racist Remark on The View


Kelly Osbourne is the daughter of two controversial figures in show business – Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne – but she appears to be aiming for that mantle.

Osbourne, guest hosting on The View, attempted to unleash a brutal diatribe against Donald Trump’s alleged racist comments about illegal immigration, but it backfired straight into her pancake-covered face. Bizarrely attacking Trump for wanting to ‘kick every Latino out of the country’ (What?), Osbourne said on The View: “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet Donald Trump?”

The remark is greeted by stunned silence and the co-hosts of The View promptly turn on Osbourne for her comments. Watch it here.

Osbourne has since apologized for her remarks on Facebook.


The View Shake-up… Again


Following the news that Rosie Perez would be leaving ABC’s The View, Variety is reporting that former Republican Party mouthpiece Nicolle Wallace has also been fired from the just revamped line-up. Variety claims Nicolle has, however, been offered a guest role on the morning show, but they have not renewed her full-time contract for next year. No news on whether Wallace is interested in the guest role.

The View is currently in the midst of searching for co-host(s) for the next season. Comedian Michelle Collins and actress Raven Symone have already been hired to replace the ousted Rosie O’Donnell and Rosie Perez, but Wallace’s departure leaves a spot open for a new – possibly Republican – lady on the show. Variety is reporting Candace Cameron-Bure is in talks.

I’m not one of the advocates of ending The View, but I am starting to feel the show has run its course. Wallace was the only good addition to the recent season of The View and I personally believe the only interesting ‘view.’ Whoopi and Perez seemed disinterested and confused, whilst I’ve read and been told so much dirt on O’Donnell that I struggle to like her in any role.

The View Rumors Heat Up

457632-90f47086-f2ba-11e3-8a62-ce6d4e05a259 ABC’s the View is in possibly the most precarious position it has ever been. The once immortal show of Bawbwa Walters has been edging closer and closer to the incredulous “They may actually cancel it” status and after three years of cast shake-ups and division changes (from entertainment to the news division in ABC), I could totally see the show being canned. Obviously we’re talking Hollywood and the entertainment industry, where nothing is canned until it literally has to be, so ABC are planning to reboot again before you they think of cancelling.

I’m hearing they’re working hard on securing two new co-hosts for the next season of the View, possibly three if they decide to scrap Rosie Perez as initially planned. For those of you unaware, the View was set on releasing Perez from her contract at the start of the year but the news was prematurely leaked and they decided to keep her on to save face. One of the reasons Rosie O’Donnell left the show was because of the deception and backstage insanity relating to it.

The name I’m hearing the View producers are after is Raven Symone, 29, former star of the Cosby Show and That’s So Raven! Symone would be the second openly gay co-host on the View and has made headlines with her controversial (see: stupid) opinions in the past.

Another peculiar name bandied about is Jenny McCarthy, 42. McCarthy was already a co-host on the View and was fired alongside Sherri Shepherd in 2014. Apparently Rosie O’Donnell and Joy Behar are in consideration for recurring guest spots. Republican Nicolle Wallace and actress Whoopi Goldberg are set to stay.

Ultimately the View is a mess and it has been since they fired Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. It’s been surpassed critically and in viewers by the Talk on CBS with Caucasian women (see: housewives) and the Real on Fox with minority women.